Carnelian Bracelets | Crystal Healing Jewelry


Boho Beautiful Carnelian Bracelets, fashion style for a Dreamer free Spirit girl! Let your intuition guide your Style!

Crystal Healing natural stone. Keep your Style while raising your Vibration!

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No more holding back. Put our Carnelian Bracelets on your wrist and be the brave girl you are!

Considered a stone of motivation and endurance, the Carnelian bracelets has protected and inspired many throughout history. This Crystal healing is known to have helped ancient warriors display immense courage in the face of great danger, helped timid speakers become bold and eloquent, and cultivated self-esteem and confidence from within. So, if you’ve always wanted something that would help you overcome shyness or stage fright, this bracelet is just for you.

Our Crystal bracelets has beads measure 6-8mm, and have a dark, earthy tinge to them, with the outer surface expertly polished to perfection. Handmade by our experts with love and care in a beautiful mix of colors to embellish any outfit for any season of the year.


Carnelian Stone: Inspires courage and confidence, strengthens self-esteem, improves focus, creativity, increase energy.

  • Handmade spiritual healing bracelet
  • Stylish and on-trend
  • Bead diameter(mm): 6-8
  • Adjustable fit
  • Suitable for wearing casually & on parties

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