Amazonite Natural Crystal Gemstone w/ OM & Elephant Charm | Boho Style Spiritual Crystal Healing Jewelry


Crystal healing Jewelry, we use the healing power of gemstones to set intentions. We make our mala bracelets with genuine gemstones for the wearer to benefit from them. Gemstones are made out of energetic material that will attract and repel different energies, depending on the gemstone. There are gemstones for love, healing, abundance, peace, some are directed to heal certain chakras, or all of them, etc… But the gemstone will not do all the work for us, it is important to set our intention, and ask for what we want in this world. An intention is a purpose or an aim. Setting your intention can be a simple thought before meditating, praying, or anytime of the day, that states what you are working for, and want to manifest in your life.


Amazonite Natural Crystal Gemstone w/ OM & Elephant Charm | Boho Style Spiritual Crystal Healing Jewelry

This bracelet is different!

Often dubbed as the “hope stone” amazonite echoes with ancient tales, jungle magic, and the sweeping flow of one of the world’s most mystical rivers. It’s known to put a positive spin on life by absorbing all negative energy from your surroundings and releasing it back to the climate – far away from you. It’s a gemstone that calls on the spirit of inner strength, magnified intention and a commitment to using that can-do attitude to grab what you want. On top of this, it comes with the ever-so-calming OM charm – can you recall it from your yoga/meditation sessions? The OM charm symbolizes the oneness of all creation and is considered the most powerful mantra in human history.

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Amazonite: It is a variety of potassium feldspar that falls into the mineral category of Microcline, highly regarded for its divine manifestation powers and aesthetic beauty. This powerful crystal balances chakras and helps re-center yourself amid a chaotic whirlwind of emotions.

OM Charm: Looks like the number “30” with a tiny hat on top. OM has its roots in Hinduism and is all about “threes”. The threes represent the Hindu gods – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. The ritual of chanting OM is in practice for several thousands of years and is considered extremely powerful for spiritual healing, protection, and balance.


  • Handmade spiritual healing bracelet
  • Stylish and on-trend
  • Bead diameter(mm): 8
  • Adjustable fit
  • Suitable for wearing casually & on parties

Amazonite Stone of Courage, crystal healing Helps with your Throat and Heart Chakra, Speaking the truth protecting again negative emotions.

Wear your bracelet to keep calm in a stressful day.

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OM Heart, OM Circle, Elephant design, Elephant Plain