Raw Clear Quartz with Amethysts Charm Crystal Healing Pendant Necklace – Bohemia style Crystal healing jewelry


Boho Beautiful Fashion Necklace Gold plated Raw Clear Crystal Quartz With Amethysts Charm Crystal healing Pendant necklace. Keep your Style while raising your Vibration!

Crystal healing Quartz pendant with Amethyst crystal include.

Amethyst : Aura Cleaning, Transmuting Negativity and spiritual awareness.
Clear Crystal Quartz : Is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier. Harmonizes all the chakras

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Raw Clear Quartz with Amethysts Charm Crystal Healing Pendant Necklace

A stylish and unique way to add a little sparkle and style to your look. This natural healing stone necklace is made of a 24k gold plated brass chain. This piece is a feminine and delicate natural stone necklace that will add a touch of subtle elegance to all of your casual looks.

With a simple chain design and sparkling stones, this pendant necklace is sure to become a staple feature in any fashionable wardrobe. The sparkly crystal quartz beads with amethysts give the necklace a bright and modern feel to accentuate her fabulous style. Our gorgeous charm pendant necklace is a great way to show off your taste and style while maintaining a classic style.


  • This amethysts charm crystal healing pendant necklace is a wonderful way to boost your seasonal style.
  • This design is an elegant necklace that will be treasured for years to come.
  • This unique piece of jewelry is made with natural quartz crystals that are adorned with eye-catching amethyst stones.


  • Size: 10″ Long Brass Chain
  • Stone: Natural Raw Clear Quartz with Amethyst
  • Plating: 24k Best Gold Plated
  • Pendant size: About 2 inch long


Necklace Bohemia With Golden cap Raw Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Pendant necklace With Amethysts Crystal Charm Pendant

About 20-25mm long – 1.50 – 2.00 INCH

10″ long brass chain with 24k best gold plated