Powerful Tiger Eye And Hematite Stones Bracelet – Inner Strength Crystal Healing Bracelets


Boho Beautiful Fashion, crystal healing bracelets style for a Dreamer free Spirit!

Let your intuition guide your Style!


This stylish and powerful natural crystal healing bracelets is a must-have for men who want to be more confident and self-sufficient. The tiger eye and hematite stones bracelet features a large tiger’s eye stone that helps you focus your inner strength and act with courage and conviction. These stones are great for enhancing confidence and helping you gain the inner strength and clarity to take the right decisions.

The “stone of the mind” bracelet also features Hematite stones, the Hematite stone is also known as the “stone of the mind”, it is excellent for inspiring creativity and aiding in decision-making. The combination of the two stones will help you to feel stronger, more confident, and more energized.


  • The power of the tiger’s eye stone is that it helps you to focus and to be absolutely clear about what you want.
  • It’s practical and fashionable, yet has a subtle masculine feel that looks great with any outfit.


  • Stone Type: Tiger Eye And Hematite Stones
  • Bracelet Type: Stretch Bracelet

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Hematite, Hematite with Tiger Eye


Brown gold, Silver