Amethyst Natural Crystal Gemstone Pendant | Boho Style Spiritual Healing Crystal Necklace


Boho Beautiful Fashion Healing Crystal Necklace Gold plated Raw Amethyst Pendant. Keep your Style while raising your Vibration!

Amethyst : Aura Cleaning, Transmuting Negativity and spiritual awareness.


Add a pretty pop of color to your look with this stunning amethyst pendant, healing crystal necklace.

This boho pendant lets you sparkle and shine with the richest shade of purple–a regal hue–complemented by the gleaming 18k gold plated metal that holds this immense beauty. The pendant holds a cluster of sparkling purple crystals that shine flawlessly from every angle. Our spiritual amethyst pendant dangles from a gold plated link chain for a gorgeous contrast that will elevate any outfit effortlessly. Get one for yourself or your loved one and keep them safe, healthy and protected from all negative energy!

Why Amethyst? The perfect purple-tinted stone for a deep spiritual detox. Amethyst is a member of the quartz family of minerals, naturally occurring in volcanic rocks and lending scores of spiritual properties to its wearer. Amethyst is known to absorb and emit far-infrared radiation, which help s in easing pain, improving circulation and inhibiting bacterial growth. It’s also an incredible facilitator for those who practice meditation. It heals the mind, relieves stress, builds a protective shield around the wearer, and helps open up the mind to spiritual awareness.

  • Handmade spiritual healing
  • Stylish and on-trend
  • Suitable for wearing casually & on parties

Bohemia popular style amethyst pendant 18K Gold Plated.

Pendant :Amethyst stone irregular size around 1 to 1/2 inches stone size & Chain size 18 inches