Natural Selenite Crystal Pendant w/Citrine Amethyst or Black tourmaline Charm – Natural Crystal Healing Pendant Charm Jewelry


Boho Beautiful Selenite Crystal Pendant, fashion style for a Dreamer free, Spirit girl! Let your intuition guide your Style!


Selenite Crystal Pendant Charm

Stylish, unique, and elegant, this natural selenite crystal pendant charm is a gorgeous piece of jewelry with a sophisticated look. The selenite with crystal amethyst, citrine & black tourmaline charm is a beautiful piece of jewelry that has a variety of uses. Selenite crystal is a form of mica that is mined from the earth and processed into beads, and crystal.

This natural healing crystal pendant charm jewelry will enhance your spiritual beings and promote positive energy in your life. Featuring a gorgeous crystal that has a light, shimmering effect, this selenite crystal stone pendant charm is a fantastic addition to any jewelry collection.


  • Selenite was created by the earth itself and is a very useful crystal to have in your jewelry collection.
  • This gemstone charm is a great addition to your crystal collection or a great gift for anyone who appreciates the natural beauty of crystals.
  • Natural selenite crystal is a wonderful mineral for crystal healing, it is known for its ability to absorb negative energy and channel it to the earth, where it can be transmuted into positive energy.


  • Material: Stone
  • Shape\pattern: Crystal pillar
  • Stone Type: Natural Selenite with Amethyst / Citrine / Black Tourmaline
  • Pendant Size: Length Approx. 2 inches

New Design Natural Crystal Gypsum Raw Rough Healing White Crystal Healing Selenite Wands

Selenite Crystal Healing, Very fine vibration and brings clarity of mind, opening the crown chakras and accessing angelic consciousness. Pure Vibration

Black Tourmaline : Absorbing Negativity and providing Protection, also helps keep you grounded.

Citrine : Stone for Abundance, attracts wealth, prosperity and success.

Amethyst : Aura Cleaning, Transmuting Negativity and spiritual awareness.

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