Charm Natural Stone Tiger Eye Bracelet | Boho Style Spiritual Healing Jewelry


Tiger Eye Stone: Grows confidence and strength, helps ward off negative energy, improves focus, promotes mental clarity, assists in resolving internal conflicts, and builds a safe and strong foundation.

  • Handmade spiritual healing bracelet
  • Stylish and on-trend
  • Adjustable fit
  • Suitable for wearing casually & on parties

Keep your feet on the ground and your soul connected to the heartbeat of the natural world. Tiger Eye bracelet Crystal healing

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Charm Natural Stone Tiger Eye Bracelet | Boho Style Spiritual Healing Jewelry

Evil eyes off!

Mysterious and powerful, the Tiger Eye Stone is considered to enable the wearer to see everything. This bracelet has a Bohemian vibe to it, with its stones featuring earthy tones accentuated by a glazed top surface and brown leather outline. The fiery color combinations help transform the negative forces into positive energies, keeping you centered and calm during the ups and downs. The tiger eye stone is known to deflect negative energy, create a protective shield around you, and bring stability to your relationship. Hands down, the perfect fashion accessory that looks classy and leaves a relaxing effect on your body and mind. Wraps 5 times around the wrist and is complete with an adjustable closure to allow a comfortable fit. The tiger eye charm bracelet is durably made by artisans and can be given as a beautiful gift to your wife, spouse, girlfriend, mother, or to anyone you care for.

Wear it this tiger eye gemstone bracelet in the opposite of your dominant hand for balancing power & weight!

Feel your energy powering with the help of this striking wrap bracelet. The tiger Eye bracelet Willpower Wrap features a large tiger’s eye stone to help you focus your inner strength and act with courage and conviction. crystal healing
This bracelet wraps 5 times around the wrist. the Leather provides a comfortable fit. The bracelet has an adjustable closure to fit all wrists. The earth tones of the stones and shiny metal blend beautifully with brown leather for a piece that works well with many styles and colors.


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